My Hooping videos
A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The UK Government want primary school children to be more active.

A video explaining how the Hoop Guy can get your school children excited about exercise to help them become fitter and more active through a fantastic fun experience.

A little trick photography. OK, so we recorded the video and then we played it in reverse. Always a good idea to try reversing video just for a laugh. *smiles*

Why should you employ a professional to teach Hula Hooping at your School? There is more to hooping than just keeping it going round your waist. John can teach students, and class teachers, to perform over 25 different moves, spins, twists, and tricks in just a one-hour session per class.

A "Bollywood" style performance at the Coventry Belgrade Theatre in March 2010.

Never Hooped before? Not hooped since childhood? Convinced you cannot do it? Let Hoop Guy show and explain how adults really can hula hoop if they use the proper technique and with the correct size hoop of course.

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